Our Beliefs

We believe that each decision we make will ripple through our small community to affect the world at large. Our decisions therefore have the ability to impact the world around us. As stewards of our land and its inhabitants we believe we have a duty to protect them.

Our mission is to design and build homes that will withstand the test of time, reflecting gracefully the lives of those who inhabit them, and positively contribute to the highest of environmental, ethical and aesthetic standards.

As a family owned and operated company with deep community roots, we place a strong emphasis on:

  • Energy efficient, environmentally responsible building practices.
  • Innovative design and great space planning for homes that feel spacious and fit the way we really live.
  • Beautiful finish materials and workmanship.
  • Home design and construction options to fit a multitude of budgets.
  • Exceptional customer service, both during and after the construction of your home.

It is our pleasure to support the following organizations in our common pursuit of home:

  • The Green Built Initiative
  • The EPA’s Energy Star Certificate Program
  • L.E.E.D.S.
  • The Home Building Association of Grand Traverse