The Steinorth Process

At Steinorth Fine Homes we work with our clients through every stage of the home building process whether they are a first home buyer or building a dream home.  We believe a home can be comfortable and spacious with out being large.  Most homes we design typically range from 1200 to 3000 square feet but are not limited in size.  We strongly urge our clients to evaluate the type of home they plan to build, taking into consideration the uses they intend for their home and accommodating the size family they plan to have.  Our custom designs are uniquely adapted to suit a wide range of clients needs and we work in all income brackets to help every client build a suitable, affordable and unique home that they will be happy with for years to come.  Energy efficiency and environmentally sound building techniques are built into our work.

At Steinorth Fine Homes we design 80% of the homes we build.  We start by reviewing the clients property to asses its characteristics to determine the style of structure most suitable for the site.  We then discuss with our clients their needs and wishes for building a custom Steinorth Fine Home.  We work hand-in-hand through out the design process taking into account their personal aesthetics and their life style.  Our clients are including in every stage of the design process until a suitable design is produced.  Our computer assisted design program makes it easy for us to sit down with our clients, make changes to their plans instantly.  Our software enables us to give our clients 3-D interior and exterior perspectives of their custom design home, helping them to see the finished product even before ground has been broken.
As we work through the design process, we always have the clients budget in mind.  One benefit to working through the design built process is that we estimate along the way insuring that the home we design meets the clients budget and allows for the selection of materials they desire.

Once a suitable design is developed we finalize our estimates, the specifications, the plans and the contract.  Once the contract is finalized, we meet with the client to review the construction process and their involvement.  We set up a schedule for the selection of materials.  As they make their selections, one of our staff is readily available to assist in the decision making process and to insure all of their wishes are fully integrated into their new Steinorth Fine Home.